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IKEA vintage inspiration

IKEA retro bulbsWe may associate IKEA with modernity and minimalism, but a careful search can uncover some great additions to vintage decor and steampunk on a shoestring.

It’s hard to believe, but some IKEA items can fit surprisingly well alongside more quirky and unique furnishings and their black and white options are a great match for a gothic or high–contrast colour scheme.

Framed pictures were a great favourite of the Victorians. Singly or in carefully arranged groups. IKEA have some great vintage looking frames, including multi–packs for grouping. Make sure the spaces between the frames are even and balanced. It might be worth planning your arrangement out on the floor before tapping any nails into the wall.

IKEA picture frames

Mirrors are also a great addition to the vintage home. Placed strategically they can maximise light reflection and emphasise certain views. The extending shaving mirror was an Edwardian introduction to the bathroom and fits well with a steampunk aesthetic.

IKEA mirrors

If you’re looking for an additional wall adornment, why not consider a vintage style clock. You might also want to pick up an alarm clock for the bedroom. The adjustable mechanical alarm invented in 1847 by Antoine Redier, didn’t look quite like our modern equivalent, but an old–fashioned ringing alarm clock adds some vintage charm.

IKEA clocks

You’ll also need suitable lighting. Gaslight is probably out of the question, but a well chosen wall lamp will provide a similar effect. The rounded LILLHOLMEN is quite classy, but I prefer the steampunk look of the adjustable RANARP, which can be wall–mounted or clamped.

IKEA lights

There are also a number of suitable ceiling lights to choose from. The BRUNSTA (bottom-left) works well with the retro bulbs shown just below.

IKEA ceiling lights

IKEA stocks a nice range of retro style bulbs. These can be quite dim on their own, so clustering them is a good idea and adds a lot of visual interest.

IKEA retro bulbs

How about something for the sideboard? IKEA’s ERSÄTTA candlesticks are available in black or white (13cm or 21cm tall).

IKEA candlesticks

Bell jars and cloches are a great way to display small treasures and treats and you can refresh the contents to add new interest and reflect your current obsessions.

IKEA bell jars and cake stand

If you want a bell jar or candlestick with more hand–made character, take a look at our Home & Garden range.

Want the mad scientist laboratory look? IKEA can even supply that! These items would look great with the RANARP lamp and Tesla style bulbs shown above.

IKEA items for the lab

These items are all available on the IKEA website. We considered quite a few other vintage inspired items that almost made our list. If you spot any glaring omissions that you think we really should have included, please let us know in the comments below.

Posted by Victoriana Ltd on 14 February 2018 13:36

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